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Application Performance & Availability Services


Structurally improve your applications performance & availability.

Hands-on performance consultancy on architecture, during development and in the operation.

Performance training and coaching for architects, developers and operators.

Mission of Profactive

Profactive wants to help organizations to get performance and availability of their IT systems under control in order to optimize the service to their customers.


Profactive believes that many IT systems are under-performing: users will have to wait or come back later. Accepting this will result in losing customers to competitors and losing revenue. The Profactive way is to Pro-actively improve availability and performance based on Facts, measurements, thereby preventing problems instead of having to fix them after they occur and damage is already done. Profactive has many years of application performance experience on board, with internet and enterprise Java systems. Netherlands largest web shops, booking sites and financials have put their trust in consultants of Profactive, improved their application performance and availability structurally and are in control now. We at Profactive want to leverage our performance expertise to help achieve our customer's success.

Performance and availability under control?

Modern complex architectures and Agile development can put much pressure on the operational qualities of IT systems like performance, availability and scalability. If you don't want to accept the slow user experience and loss of company revenue, call Profactive. Profactive can help you in all phases of your product cycle: from requirements to architecture, QA, testing, tuning and diagnosing in production, Agile and DevOps. Besides hands-on and auditing activities, Profactive provides training and coaching to make your teams up to the task of pro-actively assuring your IT systems performance and availability based on facts.